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The founder of PatentBridge, Mark Holmes, has advised some of the world's leading technology companies, including:

Intergraph in its $675,000,000 settlement with Intel in Intergraph vs. Intel.
Now part of Hexagon AB  OMX:HEXA B

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley.


Now ON Semiconductor  Nasdaq: ON

Now part of Abbott Laboratories NYSE:ABT

Now Astellas Pharma Inc. TYO:4503

The PatentBridge® Advantages

What separates PatentBridge from its competitors?

  • Patent Brokering Expertise

  • Technical Expertise

  • Patent Expertise

  • Marketing Expertise

  • Negotiating Expertise

More specifically, in patent brokering PatentBridge offers the unique, but essential, combination of:

  • proven ability and business savvy in negotiating and closing patent deals

  • degreed background in science and engineering

  • sound knowledge of patents

  • experience in identifying deal candidates

  • experience in identifying infringers

  • marketing talent and salesmanship

  • years of experience negotiating and closing patent deals

What further sets PatentBridge apart from its competitors is the unparalleled offering of individual attention. PatentBridge does not shuffle your patents off to an inexperienced or semi-retired underling where your valuable intellectual property dies on the vine or is left to languish uncommercialized. Nor will your technology be entrusted to a former accountant or salesman without any background or knowledge of technology. Rather, a qualified principal of PatentBridge will personally perform the patent brokering services for which we have been engaged.


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