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The CEO of PatentBridge, Mark Holmes, wrote the widely-read treatise on patent licensing entitled Patent Licensing and Selling: Strategy, Negotiation and Forms. Thousands of copies have been purchased and are used by corporations, venture capitalists, inventors, universities and law firms. The publisher, the PLI*, is a non-profit educational institution founded in 1933 and chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York.

The following is excerpted from the Institute's website (


Price: $462.00
Patent Licensing and Selling: Strategy, Negotiation, and Forms
Author(s) Mark S. Holmes, CEO, PatentBridge LLC, Menlo Park, California

Number of Volumes: 1
Page Count: 1106 pages


Now in the Second Edition, Patent Licensing and Selling: Strategy, Negotiation & Forms has been completely updated and significantly expanded to include additional strategies for successfully monetizing a patent portfolio.


Updated at least once a year, Patent Licensing and Selling: Strategy • Negotiation • Forms is a vital handbook for patent practitioners, corporate executives, patent officials, and inventors.

Chapter        Title
1                    Definitions
2                    Grant of License
3                    Term and Termination
4                    Royalties
5                    Record Keeping and Reports
6                    Prosecution and Maintenance
7                    Infringement
8                    Indemnification
9                    Export Controls
10                  Use of Licensor's Names
11                  Representations and Warranties
12                  Due Diligence
13                  Confidentiality
14                  Arbitration
15                  Miscellaneous Provisions
16                  License Negotiations
17                  Strategies for the New Patent Law Frontier

* PatentBridge is not a law firm and does provide legal services or advice.

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